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Get to better know your community while connecting for the common good


The Social Platform for the Social GloCalization


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With our digital platform, you can make

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Join Opportumeety to connect and share freely with like-minded peers. 

Opportumeety for Community and event managers

Thanks to a community dashboard, you get to better know your community to offer them more value, and to improve your strategy.

Boost networking inside your community. Create bridges among communities. Strengthen and build new inner and external relations.

Create events and roles inside the community. Invite your members and attendees according to their role.

Improve the ecological footprint of your community.

Opportumeety for

members and attendees


Find the perfect mates, friends or partners, whether it’s for leisure, social or businesses. 

Build meaningful and lasting human relations for the common good based on common communities, values, interests, hobbies and much more.

Receive invitations from the communities and events you are part of according to your role.

Improve your ecological footprint with your community.

For the common good and to regenerate our home we propose you two ways:

Networking to connect and share (NCS)

Anything can happen when two human beings connect and share. Whether you are part of an entity or as an individual. Let’s allow magic happen. Let’s partner up.

Networking for the regeneration (NR)

For the magic itself; regenerate our home. We show you several options, you chose, we group you according to these options and then, we guide you all to startup it. Let’s regenerate.

Connect, Share, Regenerate

Based on the permaculture flower by David Holmgren

Following the options with Opportumeety, choose your way

Rural repopulation

You can start with urban-rural weekend exchanges, and maybe become a neo-rural. Even consider creating an eco street or a new green community.

We will need to connect repopulation and rural agents and entities to share for the repopulation.


From finding the perfect flat mates to become the owner of your residential building.

Connecting innovators, professionals and others related to building and energy efficiency.


Infrastructure and innovation

Become regenerative with a community economy, related to mobility, renewable Energy, telecommunications and waste management.

For anyone willing to make a difference in waste, energy, mobility, telecoms, Clean Industry, or green Infrastructure.

Education and Culture

From finding the perfect flat mates to become the owner of your residential building.

Connecting innovators, professionals and others related to building and energy efficiency.

Personal and Social Well being and Health

Related to Natural Health, Well-being, personal development, coaching, and spirituality.

Related to Homeless, Refugees, international cooperativism, and other social causes.

Community Economy

Connect to join or create a social bank, social currency, time and resources bank.

For sharing cooperative Work. Create union among workers. Decentralize and distribute work. Also For Investors for the common good.

Consumption, agriculture and nature

Create local and short food chains, Consumer groups for Responsible Consumption. Sharing among Producers, farmers, handworkers and small retailers.

To clean and regenerate the water, landscape and life. Considering regenerative tourism.

We do not limit

the kind of interactions that takes place on our platform.

We just encourage you to

Regenerate our home

Connect by purpose

Share with your community

What is Opportumeety about


Connecting with Opportumeety, you are sharing for the common good, and for yourself. You are helping to regenerate the world we live in.

So, let’s start by Opportumeety itself. We are going to connect, share, and open Opportumeety to everyone that wishes to join us. By making of Opportumeety a distributed platform cooperative we are sure Opportumeety never looses its value, mission and vision. We can go for more. We all are on it.

  • You become shareholder by one of these three ways:
  • Adding direct value to it.  Onboarding more members.
  • Investing in Opportumeety.

Being a shareholder you will be able to vote, 1 shareholder = 1 vote. Also, to receive a part of the future profit.

Contributing as a business to the economic and business regeneration by showing another example of a successful blockchain platform distributed cooperative.

What is Opportumeety?

Opportumeety is a social networking digital platform that works for social glocalization. Our goal is to help you connect with other like-minded people to share in order to regenerate our home.

What can I do thanks to Opportumeety?

Opportumeety gives you the possibility of networking based on common interest, finding new mates, friends, leads, customers, clients, partners, providers and anyone else with a lot in common.

What differentiates Opportumeety from similar services?

We offer a large variety of networking options to meet people with similar affinities. But making easy to connect for the common good in order to regenerate our home.

What are the values of Opportumeety?

Connect, share, regenerate.

How can I cancel or delete my account or exercise my rights?

To exercise your rights of cancellation or deletion of your account, use the button at the end of your user profile.

What benefits does Opportumeety provide?

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people with the same interests or passions as you. You are free to create or join events, communities, make new connections and much more.

How can I use Opportumeety?

Just sign in, register and add your own interests. The platform will help you to the groups / communities and events you are interested in.

What problems does Opportumeety solve?

Opportumeety wants to inform the world about several regenerative options and facilitate to startup the groups for it. We also want all of you to build meaningful connections and tackle the most of your community relations, helping community and event mangers to better know you to receive more value.