1. What is Opportumeety?

Opportumeety is a social networking web platform that connects attendees to events with common interests, while traveling on public transport or in waiting areas. Our goal is to help you connect with other people like you. We want to transform mobility spaces and public transport into meeting points for the worldwide connection of cultures and people. Offer a new concept of social network.

  1. What benefits does Opportumeety provide?

It gives you the opportunity to connect with people with the same interests or passions as you, to create new business opportunities and get more of the events you attend.
In addition to connecting people with similar interests, Opportumeety also increases the interest of people in using public transport, which in turn reduces our ecological footprint and environmental pollution, making our cities cleaner and safer, as well as reducing traffic congestion.

  1. What can I do thanks to Opportumeety?

Opportumeety gives you the possibility of networking, finding new leads, customers, clients, partners, providers and meeting people with similar interests or passions. All of this in areas that we are currently not taking enough advantage of.

  1. How can I use Opportumeety?

Just sign in , register and create your first travel. This will let you see who is at the same airport, station or public transport at the same time to share the trip.

  1. What differentiates Opportumeety from similar services?

We are the only ones that offer the variety of options to meet people with similar affinities, since it allows you to make connections from the moment you make reservations for your trips. We offer you the opportunity to connect with others in your way to the event.

  1. What problems does Opportumeety solve?

Connect people with common interests in places that we are not currently taking advantage of (such as airports, stations and public transport).  This will help you make the most use of wasted time in such places, and allow you to find new networking opportunities.

  1. What are the values ​​of Opportumeety?

Social value

  1. What is Opportumeety’s service and strategy based on?

It’s based on the real needs and preferences of our users and customers. We will offer everything that is of interest to them that Opportumeety, in addition to allowing us continuous improvement thanks to quality users.

9.How can I cancel or delete my account or exercise my rights?

To exercise your rights of cancellation or deletion of your account, use the button at the end of your user profile, and send us an email to admin@opportumeety.com